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We are proud to staff five (5) local high school athletic departments with Licensed Athletic Trainers (AT).

Petoskey - Harbor Springs - Charlevoix -  Inland Lakes - Cheboygan

Licensed Athletic Trainers are medical experts in preventing, recognizing, managing and rehabilitating injuries.

The Licensed Athletic Trainer is responsible for athletic injury prevention through education of proper conditioning, body mechanics, nutrition, and stretching.  The Trainer also prepares the athletes for practice or competition with any necessary taping, wrapping, bracing or stretching.  The trainer is available to all athletes in the Athletic Training room at the schools for the last class period of the day, to answer questions and perform injury screening.  The trainer will then attend various practice sessions until 6 pm.

Look for our AT on the sidelines at home athletic events throughout the year.  When an injury occurs, the AT will evaluate the athlete and determine whether a referral to a physician is necessary.  The AT is then responsible for follow up care including treatment, rehabilitation, and gradual return to full athletic participation.

In addition, the AT will communicate with the athlete, parents, coaches, and physician to ensure proper care is provided to allow for safe return to the sport.

Injury Screening

The trainer will screen any injury or examine an athlete experiencing pain.

Please feel free to contact our AT's to find out more about this program:

Petoskey High School Lindsey Griffes 231-348-7950
Charlevoix High School Erika Collins 231-547-0380
Harbor Springs High School Erik Wehner 231-348-7002
Cheboygan High School Emily Mahoney 231-627-7201
Inland Lakes High School Juliann Plimpton 231-238-4880

Do you recommend off-season conditioning programs for high school athletes?

Yes. Athletes that participate in an off-season conditioning program are less frequently injured, and are able to focus on sport specific skill development when their season begins. High School athletes have the opportunity to participate in our summer Peak Performance enhancement program designed by our AT's.


Affiliations and Community Involvement

Daily Tasks

NMSMC AT’s Daily Tasks

  • Assistance and implementation of clinical rehabilitation protocols with appropriate documentation
  • Evaluation of athletic injuries to determine their management and possible referral
  • Documentation of injury reports including emergency care provided to athletes


Facts About NMSMC AT's


Athletic Training:
Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Center is proud to be a community partner by providing Athletic Training Outreach to local high schools and various community organizations in Northern Michigan.

What is an AT?
Licensed Athletic Trainers (AT) are health care professional who specialize in preventing, recognizing, managing and rehabilitating injuries that result from athletic activity.  AT’s possess a minimum of a BS degree from an accredited university and have successfully completed a certification exam through the NATABOC.

Facts about NMSMC AT’s

  • NMSMC is the largest employer of AT’s in Northern Michigan
  • NMSMC AT’s have over 113 years of combined experience.
  • NMSMC AT’s provide clinical rehabilitation as well as outreach services to local high schools and community organizations.
  • NMSMC is affiliated with various Universities in providing internship sites from August though June for Athletic Training Students.

AT’s Areas of Expertise

  • Athletic injury prevention and risk management
  • Recognition, evaluation and assessment of athletic injuries and illnesses
  • Immediate Care of athletic injuries
  • Treatment, rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries
  • Health care organization and administration
  • Professional development and responsibility

 Certified Athletic Trainer Contact Information

Petoskey High School

Lindsey Griffes, M.Ed, ATC

  • PHS Training Room (231)348-2155
  • NMSMC Petoskey (231)348-7950

Charlevoix High School

Erika Collins, AT, PTA

  • CHS Training Room (231)547-8249
  • NMSMC Charlevoix (231)547-0380

Cheboygan High School

Emily Mahoney, AT

  • NMSMC Cheboygan (231) 627-7201

Harbor Springs High School

Eric Wehner,  Med, AT

  • NMSMC Harbor Springs (231) 348-7002

Inland Lakes High School

Juliann Plimpton, M.Ed, AT

  • NMSMC Indian River  (213) 238-4880


Internship Opportunities:

NMSC has been an approved clinical internship site for many Universities Sports Medicine Athletic Training Programs for over 15 years. We currently have 2 sites that are available for Students that are currently enrolled in an Athletic Training Program. This rotation includes a clinical outreach with local High Schools. The affiliations with colleges must be set up the semester prior to starting the internship. Internships start throughout the school year from August and run through June.

We provide an excellent training ground for upcoming AT’s due to our staff's expertise and specialty fields such as TMJ management, vestibular and balance training, manual therapy, incontinence, pediatrics, sport specific training, lumbar and sacral mobilization techniques.

Our students also have access to NMSMC’s outstanding sports enhancement branch which can expose them to many opportunities associated with their upcoming profession.

  • Golf Fit
  • Ski Fit and the Virtual Snow Machine
  • Aquatic Therapy Classes
  • Core classes and stabilization
  • Inside Edge Hockey program
  • EDGE - Strength and Conditioning Programs
  • Peak Performance Programs
  • Kayak class
  • Sport of mothering

In addition to Central Michigan University, we also have hosted students for summer internships and observational opportunities from the following universities:

  • Oakland University
  • Grand Valley State University
  • Lake Superior State University
  • Michigan State University
  • Eastern Michigan University

Patty Schmoldt, AT, PTA is the current approved Athletic Trainer CI instructor – for more information you can email her at 231-627-7201 or  pschmoldtThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">@nmsportsmed.com


If you are interested in having NMSMC provide athletic training coverage for your school, athletic team or event please contact our Athletic Training Coordinator:

Patty Schmoldt, AT  (231)347-9300
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Petoskey, Petoskey East & Boyne City

Our Petoskey clinic is located within the Bay Street Orthopedic building, 4048 Cedar Bluff Drive. 231-347-9300 [map]

Our Petoskey East clinic is located on the corner of Mitchell & Division, 345 N. Division 231-348-7950.[map]

Our Boyne City Clinic is located in the SOBO district, 210 S Lake Street 231-459-4750 map

Charlevoix & Cheboygan

Our Charlevoix clinic is located in the Kmart Plaza, at 06510 M-66, 231-547-0380 [map] 

Our Cheboygan clinic is located south of town, 9445 N Straits Hwy, 231-627-7201 [map]

Harbor Springs & Indian River

Our Harbor Springs clinic is located next the Harbor Springs airport, 8452 M-119 Harbor Plaza, 231-348-7002. [map]                                        

Our Indian River clinic is right in the heart of downtown, 3805 South Straits Hwy, 231-238-4880. [map]